Inbound marketing is a journey…

→ Purchasing decisions have changed.

→ People don’t rely solely on a salesperson any more.

→ Marketing and sales need to align around the buyer’s journey.

Take strangers on a journey to become your customers and promoters.


Get found.

Drive traffic to your website with targeted content, optimized for search engines (SEO) and shared through social media channels.


Generate leads.

Create targeted content offers that are exactly what your prospects wants that generate leads, which can lead to sales.


Measure the results.

Measure the traffic to track your leads and ultimately track your customers.


Inbound marketing is about attracting consistent and relevant site traffic, converting that traffic into new leads for the business, and nurturing those leads to move them deeper into the sales funnel.

Word Technologies Inc. (WTI) blends creativity, technology and marketing expertise to create highly effective digital (inbound) marketing for companies in virtually any vertical market.

With clients as big Fortune 500 international firms and as small as less than 100 employees, WTI has crafted custom communications since 2001 to help them do business efficiently and effectively.